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Zhao Fuzhen went to Baoshan District for private enterprise research

Time:2019-07-12      Source:CPPCC Headlines(transgression and deletion)

       On the afternoon of July 11, Zhao Fuzhen, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the Shanghai Municipal Committee and the party secretary of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, went to Baoshan District to investigate private enterprises. Zhao Fuzhen and his entourage visited the Long Modern Art Museum and the Baoji Ezhigu Park, and visited Fuxinshi Intelligent Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Anjie Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. in the park. During the investigation, Zhao Fuzhen had in-depth exchanges with the person in charge of the company, and had a detailed understanding of the company's development history and business status, and encouraged enterprises to continuously enhance the core competitiveness of the company's products, so as to achieve better development.


       At the subsequent private enterprise symposium, Zhu Dongfang, Chairman of Baoji Holding Group Co., Ltd., Zhu Jinjun, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Dongming Home (Group) Co., Ltd., Song Yufeng, Deputy General Manager of Smart Bay Investment Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhang Junming, general manager of the company, Liu Panxi, deputy general manager of Shanghai Anjie Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Li Qingtie, general manager of Shanghai Lanchang Automation Technology Co., Ltd., Zhang Fan, president of Gucun Town Chamber of Commerce, and other 7 private entrepreneurs and business association leaders around the company Cultural development, commodity quarantine, water quality protection, party building of the Chamber of Commerce and other aspects have expressed their views and put forward opinions and suggestions.


       Zhao Fuzhen said that the speeches of private entrepreneurs attending the meeting were genuine and realistic, and they were highly representative and targeted. He pointed out that in recent years, under the great attention of the party committees and governments at the city and district levels, the business environment of the city has been continuously optimized, but there is still a certain gap with the expectations of the majority of non-public enterprises. He asked the Central Committee of the District Party Committee and the District Federation of Industry and Commerce to cooperate with the Gucun Town Government to actively communicate with the relevant functional departments and communicate more in a timely manner to resolve some of the difficult problems in the development of enterprises and continuously improve the sense of gain of enterprises. At the same time, he also hopes that the company will always practice the new political and business relationship, comply with the law-abiding enterprise, and operate Guangming Zhengda, actively promote the excellent entrepreneurial spirit, and cherish its precious image while realizing the healthy development of the enterprise. Two healthy."

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